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Learning Life Lessons...  

hotmamamm 44F  
9185 posts
3/2/2020 10:25 am
Learning Life Lessons...

Hello Naughty Friends,
Boy , does time fly. It is already March and it seems I've been unsuccessful with my Blog return. Life has been throwing me a lot of curve balls. Some good and some bad however I have been learning a lot of life lessons.
For the last couple of months I've been helping take care of my Aunt. Her cancer spread and it had been very overwhelming and stressful. When my mother past away I learned empathy. With my Aunt I am learning patience. These are two qualities I did not have in my earlier years. At least I'm gaining knowledge so that is a positive.
Two years ago after my accident I decided to try retire from the restaurant business. After 20 plus years of waiting tables and bartending I decided to take the chance and start my own business. A lot of up and downs, but I loved it. It was refreshing not to have to follow corporate policies and only have to answer to myself . Sad to say I failed. I had to suck up my pride and now I'm back to waiting tables. My worst nightmare. Pretending I like people. I am going to be that seventy year old lady who is serving you pancakes. I am never going to be able to retire. That has been a hard pill to swallow. On the bright side. The money is good and interacting with people has helped my anxiety and depression.
I'm hoping to blog more but to be quite honest I haven't had the desire. I've always used this format as a escape. I love my blogging community. I've been very disappointed in peoples ( bloggers ) behavior. It is not a competition. This is not real life. It is not that fucking serious.
I just wanted to drop by and say HI. I hope everyone is doing well. It is not that hard to be kind to eachother. Happy Moan day to ya!!

hotmamamm 44F  
16902 posts
3/2/2020 10:26 am

I do not expect a lot of responses, but I miss my blogging community.

Piper3654K 50M  
93 posts
3/2/2020 10:36 am

Glad to see the post. I have to admit every time I see you online I jump over to my watched blogs to see if you're posting something new. Your posts always make me smile.

Have a great day, even if you're serving some schlub pancakes. It's far better of a day than many are having.


Tmptrzz 57F  
77723 posts
3/2/2020 10:42 am

Oh my friend I am so sorry to hear about your aunt my friend... You know I was in the waitress industry for a while myself and bartended for over twenty years best job I ever had. As I am a people person, I am so glad to hear it's helping you with your depression.

And hun I agree with you about blog land, as we feel the same way, it's not a competition, and it's not a place for jealousy either.

I wish you all the success in the world my friend and I am keeping you and your aunt in my prayers hun..take care..

Just your average every day run of the mill nana here!!!

looking4u69ca 59M
3510 posts
3/2/2020 10:42 am

Happy moan day to you. Your picture look great. Glad to see you blog. Missed you in February. Yes there is a hateful, conceited blogger on here and I suppose some people support them. Hopefully we can make them disappear.
Take care of yourself.

coolpoolguy3 53M
2512 posts
3/2/2020 10:51 am

Sorry to hear about your struggles of late, cancer sucks and i feel for you and your aunt. Also sorry to hear about the loss of your business, waiting tables can be a stepping stone to something better. Many businesses fail on their first attempt so perhaps you can try again. Good luck to you in whatever you do.

Love_My_Toys 57M  
654 posts
3/2/2020 1:51 pm

I'm sorry to hear about your troubles.. I hope that things improve, and I'll keep you and your Aunt in my thoughts...

12349 posts
3/2/2020 2:36 pm

    Quoting hotmamamm:
    I do not expect a lot of responses, but I miss my blogging community.
Miss You, Sexy Hottie.

*Gorgeous Photos*

Have A Good One


citizen4722 62M  
66530 posts
3/2/2020 3:05 pm

Good to see you here.
You did your best running your own business and I can empathise with you. I had to give up the shop because the rent was too high, although I still help out the new owner.
I'm sorry to hear about your aunt. I was a carer for my mother and yes, that was very stressful at times.

studbird2000 54M  
1089 posts
3/2/2020 3:51 pm

very lovely pics sweetie hang in there {=}

10148 posts
3/2/2020 4:12 pm

Nice to see you Hottie . . have missed those bright, smiling, alluring eyes.

Have been though the caregiver to dying person scenario too, and it's tough.

"At least I'm gaining knowledge so that is a positive"
Yeah, that was my takeaway too and it's of some consolation.

Looknfind18 67M  
4151 posts
3/2/2020 5:16 pm

Glad to see you here. Sorry about the downs but without them we wouldn't know how nice the good times are. Empathy and patience are exceptional virtues. Many a person needs much more of them. Keeping you in my thoughts my friend.

Sexczy69 65M
2916 posts
3/2/2020 5:53 pm

Trust all is okay with you.... Take care young lady....

1salesman3 65M
4873 posts
3/2/2020 6:00 pm

Jeanie, you are a wonderful lady. Life has its ways to make one think they are not where you should be. It is a journey, don't give up. Don't give up on your dreams there are more opportunities out there. Wished I could show you how you can retire with dignity. It is very feasible and you don't have to depend on anyone but your talents. Every successful individual many setbacks.

j4theladies69 37M
30 posts
3/2/2020 6:29 pm

Keep working hard and your dreams will come true. You a beautiful woman both inside and out.

Naughtypursuit 52F  
2597 posts
3/2/2020 6:44 pm

Big hug, things will get better, it takes time and patience but I believe things always turn around.

Blog for you and what it brings you, don't let a bully control something that gives you an escape.

Telesian 55M  
82 posts
3/2/2020 6:46 pm

I love your honesty. I wish I was doing a better job in reading your blog. You have certainly been thrown some unfortunate curveballs. It's hard to see now but adversity will always bring perspective and a way to see things from a different viewpoint. I believe it adds to your awareness and evolves your life balance.

I want you to always remember that no matter your circumstances that you have value, that you are loved, and you are worthy. Noone can take those away. I often think about how you are coping and what you are doing to take care if yourself as you thoughtlessly take care of others.

I hope you remember that all things shall pass. What happens today does not define tomorrow. Find joy in family, friends, health, and an undefined future. Your future has not yet been written and you always own the pen to illustrate your forever. Sacrificing and owning your humility in doing what you need to do today only helps you learn to appreciate what you deserve in the future. Remember....breath...be present..appreciate the positives you dont always SEE...embrace all the wonderful things you know you are...believe in a positive path to your future. You will pull through and find true happiness. In that you will find your value and worth. Xxooxx

jajo696 65F
1935 posts
3/2/2020 6:55 pm

Hottie....i missed you !! Im lifting you and your aunt up in prayers...prayer for calmness of spirit.

IF your business is an enjoyable one.....can you do it part time...on the side as a side hustle? That way you will still be earning an income from your other job but still doing something personal for you. I know it will be crazy fitting in the caregiving aspect too tho. That in itself requires emotional stamina. Been there done that.

You crack me up @ " pretending i like people"... THAT is draining too....lol

I wish people heeded the notion of , " if ya cant say something nice, say nothing at all."

In a world where we can be many things....choose to be kind.

Thinking of you gurl ~~

1Sexygoodguy11 55M
1164 posts
3/2/2020 7:25 pm

I guess it is never too late to find that wonderful sexy blogger who in only one post to find out quite a bit of reality of the wonderful person behind the profile. So real, banged up a little bit with some of life's harsh realities, yet a strong survivor.

I have to mention about your beautiful brown expressive eyes, I can get lost in them and with that cute and mischievous smile. Yowsers!!! I am a goner.

When I read a blogger for the first time who is that good. I definitely will be going back and to read your previous posts. I am a new FAN!!!

Stay Sexy My Friend.

pacnwlover42 51M
7751 posts
3/3/2020 12:26 am

Hi Jeannie, I adore you because you are incredibly caring and thoughtful, which makes you such a beautiful woman to me. And of course I love your eyes! I hate it when disrespectful people invade the blogs! Take care and I wish you the best always!

Funny women are incredibly sexy!

author51 57F  
91770 posts
3/3/2020 12:39 am

Oh my friend..You are in my thoughts and prayers with all of the life hurdles and struggles you have on your plate at the moment and only wish nothing but the best for you....xx

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

BIANCHI61956 64M
173 posts
3/3/2020 1:29 am

darn darn darn..............I go into withdrawal when I do not see you........then when I do see you mmmmmmmmmm..........very nice

samson19682006 52M  
1319 posts
3/3/2020 2:55 am

goood to hear from you and see you again.

tedscott40 57M
2440 posts
3/3/2020 3:48 am

You look great! Welcome back and good luck.

69ereatwetpussy 57M
3558 posts
3/3/2020 4:01 am

Good morning sunshine hope your day is as beautiful as you.
Sorry for your lost your s good woman to take time out of your life for someone else.
Sorry your business didn't work out you tryed that's better then most.
Your working that better then many
You are blessed in many ways
The smile on your face makes me happy today.
Xoxoxo Thomas

notsure1949 71M
9573 posts
3/3/2020 4:36 am

would not mind being served food by you, know that cancer is bad having lost grandmother and grandfather, have seen also how someone loses their memory and passes away

Shots30 44M  
2297 posts
3/3/2020 4:59 am

Thanks for the update, I was wondering if all was OK. Seems like you are going through a lot. If you ever need to talk I am always here.

You should be proud of yourself for taking the chance to start your own business, success or not, you stepped out and did it and that takes a lot of courage. I am sorry to hear about your Aunt, it's always hard caring for someone you love that is struggling through a disease. Prayers for her and you.

Blog and you can as I enjoy your blog and pictures. It's about a release for sure. Don't worry about all those nay sayers. They just have nothing better to do.

Write me anytime Hotmamamm! Cheers!

azriel1970 49M  
29584 posts
3/3/2020 5:27 am

Hugs sweet lady. I am with you sweetie!!!!!! I hope you know Happiness in what you do.

Blueyedguy823 53M  
345 posts
3/3/2020 6:59 am

Good to hear from you again. Always love seeing a new blog posting from you.

The12er 47M
274 posts
3/3/2020 7:46 am

Love you baby!!

The12er 47M
274 posts
3/3/2020 8:16 am

Love your blog ( and you) so natural so real

Please give my blog a look and drop me a line there, id love that!

hugz111 59M
285 posts
3/3/2020 8:17 am

Your still an amazing lady Hug

HuttValleyboy67 52M
430 posts
3/3/2020 12:29 pm

    Quoting hotmamamm:
    I do not expect a lot of responses, but I miss my blogging community.
always a a pleasure to see and hear from you. Best wishes that things go well and you get to have some fun

undoubledsolid7 42M  
10 posts
3/3/2020 4:50 pm

Thank you for sharing that story, it was touching and inspiring.

Lonely16842 55M  
850 posts
3/3/2020 9:45 pm

Always miss you as well. ...

toolswh1969 50M
31 posts
3/4/2020 12:14 am

Nice to see you Jeanie
It's always good to see you blog no matter what it's about.
Beautiful pictures added and stay strong beautiful your worth it.
Have a great day 😍

powercaps716 63M
22286 posts
3/4/2020 10:47 am

glad to see you back and ok.....sorry to hear about your aunt, be strong and hold on to that dream..it will come true ....take care

7325 posts
3/4/2020 11:07 am

Hey beautiful friend!
I'm so sorry to hear about your situation and hope sincerely that your life will improve.
The prospect of not being able to retire is daunting. I know. I'm in the same boat.
I am sending you lots of positive thoughts and energy.

wildthoughts 64M  
1111 posts
3/4/2020 11:17 pm

If your not here then I wonder what or how I let you know that I do care . Yes works sucks that's why they have to pay people to do it ....... On the other hand being able to work is better than wanting to or needing to and being unable .
Please stay in touch even if it's random ,I care about you.

uuwreckme 60M
180 posts
3/5/2020 9:22 am

life can sure throw us some curve balls at times however like myself, I hope you are grateful that you have tried and have not succeeded at all rather than than have not tried and have regrets. I was in business for 14 years before adversity hit and I had to give it up, one of the hardest decisions in my life. But then you have to be grateful of what you have, success is not measured in dollars for most who have true meaning in life. This is one of my favorite sayings at the end of a song called, Mother Blues.....And the days that I keep my gratitude, Higher than my expectations, Well, I have really good days. Great blog Hot, you can serve me pancakes anytime

ime4real 55M  
485 posts
3/5/2020 11:16 am

I applaud anyone with the confidence to be self-employed. Whether it works out or not, it takes more guts to make that leap than most people realize. As for your current occupation, there is dignity in all work. I am not following my preferred career path either. I have to remind myself, frequently, that WHAT I DO is not WHO I AM.

And, to do it while you are caring for a relative, and dealing with your own anxiety.....that is the definition of STRENGTH.

I hope to see you return to your blogging soon.

Brokenguy64 55M

3/5/2020 4:28 pm

I truly hope things look up for you! Life isn’t always easy...but as another member noted..blog for yourself...let it out, be yourself. Reading others thoughts make me think that there are others who think like me.
In the future though...if you want me to read your blogs, and fully take them in...the cleavage picture should be last...

profcoquin27bis 55M
2973 posts
3/6/2020 7:06 am

i am always here, hugs for you

bass_playah 47M
86 posts
3/7/2020 6:47 am

Wonderful to see you blogging again. Sorry to hear 2020 has been rough on you. My 2020 is off to a less than desirable start as well. Misery likes company, if you'd like to chat, feel free to IM me. Take care and keep smiling!

Desir4Fire 45M
2252 posts
3/7/2020 9:57 am

Queen Janeane,
You are a very awesome person.
Sorry to hear about mom/aunt and their health and passing.
Sorry to hear about the business and the return to employment.
Sorry to hear about the relationship woes and your own health concerns.
But through it all you still stand.
You still stand strong and draw power and positive energy.
You still stand for integrity and compassion among all.
You still stand and smile with hope and prosperity
You are a very awesome person, kinky and naughty and sexy

Diego962020 23M
25 posts
3/7/2020 4:28 pm

uff que mujer mas ardiente, mas maduritas son rebuenas

lindoboy100 57M
20933 posts
3/9/2020 4:46 pm

Sorry to read about your troubles and I hope you can continue to find the strength to help you keep hold of that positive outlook and to help you get through the struggles that life keeps presenting.

You seem like a lovely person with a good kind heart. How nice! Good luck!

Pull ma finger.........

Cpllooking6671 53M/49F  
2558 posts
3/9/2020 10:02 pm

Sorry to hear of your Aunt- I understand the patience and learning lessons since I also assisted with family members with their illnesses/cancer. My great grandmother passed away with her head in my lap. You are a caring person and its a wonderful quality showing the compassion in giving the care you do.
As far as the restaurant business- You picked a tough business to be in! Had a relative work every day for at least 10 years and he lost his restaurant- he loved the work.... I cannot imagine that if you truly wanted to, you would be able to make another go at it- you will have learned from the mistakes from the first try and will succeed! Maybe you won't retire but you won't mind working cause its for you as you already know.
As Dennis DeYoung sang in his song 'Dont wait for Heroes' - "Winners are Losers, who got up and gave it just one more try..."

Southfrkfshr 58M
77 posts
3/10/2020 4:43 am

Life is a struggle at Times attitude is everything...Love to see your Beautiful smile!

Himerus4u 58M
92 posts
3/10/2020 2:24 pm

you ll overcome yr hard time. Meanwhile keep blogging and having fun when possible.

pocogato12 67F  
33024 posts
3/11/2020 1:43 pm

Jeannie I truly understand what you are expressing in this post and I value your being so forthright. Sometimes writing helps defray the intensity of the temporary irritations and draining circumstances. I will never tell someone that things like this make one stronger cause it is not always so. Thank you for sharing with me. I will support you in any way I am able- just reach out and tell me HUGS a lot of them

(Virtual Symposium Group) use Virtual Symposium Group

ItsThtPervertGuy 40M
294 posts
3/12/2020 7:29 pm

Nice pics. Pretty lady

Blueyedguy823 53M  
345 posts
3/17/2020 9:38 am

I miss reading your thoughts.

_IKanCu2_ 101M
2695 posts
3/17/2020 10:27 am

When YU are in Our T/-/oug/-/t*z, YU are in Our Prayer*z

Everything YU seek for are within YU already
YU draw on this Power when YU Contemplate
Who YU are.
YU are more than YU Know

,,, Much More !

hot_rod_4_69 59M
17 posts
3/19/2020 9:24 pm

Good luck to you! Lots of tough times out there right now. Hope you're doing OK.

fakufan 42M
676 posts
3/20/2020 12:42 pm

We all dream to be financially free, hotmamammm. Some of us make it, others don't. The dream of that teaches us life lessons along the way - great to hear from a kind generous one like yours. Love reading your blog as always

oralbliss2020one 50M
12 posts
3/21/2020 7:20 pm

You have really beautiful eyes!

lonlyforlove2 77M  
4143 posts
3/23/2020 8:34 pm

Good to see you, I just love the quality of your photos, they are outstanding, not just the content !!!

Be sure to look in at lonlyforlove2 . It may make you smile

BrimStil 48M
111 posts
3/24/2020 11:08 am

Hope you're dong well in the current climate!

HuttValleyboy67 52M
430 posts
3/24/2020 11:49 am

hope you have had an improved end of the month? And April brings a pleasant surprise for you? Stay safe and sexy

RandoNumbaNine 34M
20 posts
3/24/2020 11:45 pm

touching poost

smootchypants 55M
22 posts
3/25/2020 10:34 pm

crazy world lately...stay safe pretty lady...

Adventure088 42M
14 posts
3/27/2020 9:35 am

Running a business has it's ups and downs you learn a lot from failure and just apply it to your next venture.

_IKanCu2_ 101M
2695 posts
3/29/2020 3:13 pm

][ trust all is well for YU.

_IKanCu2_ 101M
2695 posts
4/4/2020 8:33 am

][ Trust all is Well For YU,,,

,,, and that YU are Safe.

_IKanCu2_ 101M
2695 posts
4/6/2020 7:55 pm

Benjamin Fulford.
Go find/read now as soon as YU can.
][t is important. Please.

HuttValleyboy67 52M
430 posts
4/10/2020 7:36 pm

    Quoting hotmamamm:
    I do not expect a lot of responses, but I miss my blogging community.
Hope you are safe and well, keep being our hottie!!

_IKanCu2_ 101M
2695 posts
4/11/2020 1:20 pm

Be patient ,,,

,,, \/\ot a Patient !

]]-[[aPPy Easter

DeepUSA1 38M
134 posts
4/11/2020 9:23 pm

mmmm u sweet tight thing how u been

_IKanCu2_ 101M
2695 posts
4/17/2020 12:05 am

][ /-/ope that,,,

,,, all is Well and Safe for YU there. Y(UR (\/)issed.
The World has sent us to Our Room*z too T/-/i/\/K.
When Adversity come*z to Face Us, is when We are at Our Strongest


tirresias 44M
19 posts
4/28/2020 1:37 am

why not monetize your writing / blog?

Piper3654K 50M  
93 posts
5/4/2020 5:23 am

Hey Jeanie. Hope you're staying positive and everything is awesome in your world. We are missing you here.



singleandrdy4fun 46M
29 posts
5/8/2020 2:47 pm

new to your blog, just take your time as one who has lost him mother to cancer I can feel your pain. cant wait to hear more from you on here

NJGUY08090 53M
3173 posts
5/9/2020 9:34 am

So nice to see you here again. Hang in there and keep on learning life's lessons. Do not give up on your dream of being your own boss. Take more chances. People that play the lottery don't buy one ticket in their lifetime. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your Aunt. Be safe

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